Longer Examples

Emoji Clicker

Build a game inspired by Cookie Clicker where you must click a slowly-growing Emoji before it gets too big.

  • Teaches: Event binding (when, updating, clicking, typing)

  • Requires: if statements, calling functions, function definitions

Designer Worlds

Build a game where a box jumps around the screen by using the more complex idea of a Designer World.

  • Teaches: Event binding with structured data (dictionaries)

  • Requires: if statements, calling and defining functions, dictionary access and update


Build a game where you put out fires with a plane dropping water droplets.

  • Teaches: Complex game state

  • Requires: if statements, for loops, lists and dictionaries


Build a simple animation where sparkles fly out of the mouse.

  • Demonstrates: Angular movement using sine and cosine


Build a simple interactive where two arrow boxes can be moved across the screen.

  • Demonstrates: Handling key presses with typing and done typing


Build a game where you add a new field to an existing Designer object by using inheritance.

  • Demonstrates: Extending a Designer object with inheritance


Build a game where you have scenes that you can switch between.

  • Demonstrates: Scenes and transitions, simple menus

BlockPy Showcase

A simple gallery of web-based Designer examples using BlockPy.